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We add structure, knowledge, creativity and courage in change by offering advice, coaching, consulting services and training.

Trusted by owners and managers of more than 100 companies including

We add structure, knowledge, creativity and courage in change

Tangaroa Consulting® offers executive coaching, advisory, consulting services, training and lectures in the areas of business planning, corporate- and business development and outdoor adventures.

CEO and Head Consultant of Tangaroa Consulting® is Magnus Brink, who is an entrepreneur, management consultant and non-executive board member with a unique ability to turn ideas into reality in a structured way. He specializes in advisory, coaching and facilitating of strategic change plans and processes on owner level, board level and management level.

He has previously held several senior management positions such as Head of Corporate Development and Vice President of Nordic Expansion in SEB Group.

Entrusted by more than 100 companies

Magnus founded his own consulting company Tangaroa AB in 2007 and has during the last 15 years been entrusted to help owners and leaders in more than 100 companies and non-profit organizations in Sweden as well as internationaly. His assignments and appointments have been in a broad variety of industries somewhat focused on family- or partner owned organizations.

As an entrepreneur Magnus has, besides Tangaroa AB, successfully developed the outdoor conference concept Business Basecamp™, the e-commerce concept B4Adventures® including writing a book with the same name. He is also an executive producer in a big screen movie project.

Magnus is courageous, curious, and creative and likes to break new grounds and solve new and old problems. He has a systematic approach and practice management as an inspiring, involving, and challenging coach.

Magnus and his family have carried out many adventures in the great outdoors on five continents and he likes to travel by foot or skis in woodlands and mountains. He is also an avid fly fisherman.

See some of the companies Magnus and Tangaroa AB have been working with here.

Utilizes a network of highly skilled consultants

Magnus is also the founder of Soulbiz®Consulting Network which is a carefully composed network of highly skilled specialists and generalists owning their own companies. This allows Magnus to offer the commitment of the individual consultant paired with the resources of the full network. The areas of expertise span from senior business development, toward management, to defining and participating in various individual tasks offset by the high level strategies.

Business Basecamp

The owners of Tangaroa AB, Magnus and Christel Brink have carried out adventures in the great outdoors in five continents and offers management teams or companies the possibility to use nature to boost development in the unique mobile conference facility Business Basecamp.

The Brinks are also in the business of inspiring and give advice to persons and families that would like to adopt a more active and adventurous lifestyle.

1% for the planet logo

One percent for the planet

Yvon Chouinard, founder and owner of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies has built two successful companies and early realized that it was good business to protect the natural resources that kept them in business. Because of this they founded the organization 1% for the Planet in the United States in 2002.Today the organization has grown into a global movement with more than 3400 member companies in 64 countries.

As members, we invest at least 1% of annual turnover in projects that contribute to nature. As a member, you choose yourself what projects you want to invest in. The organization contributes with knowledge of the projects in progress or during start up.

Since 2002, members of 1% for the planet have invested more than $ 435 million for the benefit of our nature, and together we have achieved substantial changes in several areas.

POW logo

Tangaroa AB became, as the first Swedish consulting company, members in 2009 and have invested in several projects run by the World Wildlife Fund, Naturarvet, the Swedish Society of Nature Conservation and Protect Our Winters Sweden.

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